PINK IS A CRAZY LITTLE THING CALLED LOVE is a photographic installation of a small, surreal landscape constructed with icons of love found in music. These curious knick-knacks of affection are framed in juxtaposition to each other yet bonded by their thematic palette of pink. In an oblique and funny way, each object relates to the representation of love in 12 famous love songs — the water gun bears roots in Nancy Sinatra’s Bang Bang (My baby shot me down), while Babe, the pink plastic pig stems from Cher’s I got you Babe.

The full mixed tape:

1. Pig – I got you Babe / Cher
2. Turn table – You Spin me right round / Dead or Alive
3. Yo-yo – Wake me up before you go-go / Wham
4. Ice cream – Melt with You / Nouvelle Vague
5. Swan – Bye Bye Birdie / Ann Margret
6. Maracas –  Everybody likes to Cha Cha Cha / Sam Cooke
7. Balloon – I’ll never fall in love again / Dionne Warwick
8. Strawberry Pocky stick – Tea for Two / Doris Day
9. Water gun – Bang Bang (My baby shot me down) / Nancy Sinatra
10. Whistle – Young Folks /Peter Bjorn and John
11. Ping Pong balls – Quit Playing Games (with my Heart) / Back Street Boys
12. Flower in Bloom – Love grows where my Rosemary goes / Edison Lighthouse