MONUMENT MOMENTO is a sister series to PERFECT STRANGER. Words engraved on stone, stand as blocks of compressed time, in an emotionality of shades. The work draws from distilled conversations belonging to a year-long Q&A project with a stranger, an Israeli psychologist living in Singapore, in 2016. It is a fossilized, fleeting exchange between two women from different pasts, presents and futures.

Red Balloons, MONUMENT MOMENTO, Stone Engraved,
1184 X 400 X 400 mm, Edition of 3, 2019

Everyday, the Psychologist would ask a question, and the Artist would respond. Over time, this process of inquisition and disclosure unveiled an intimate tapestry of fact and fiction, spanning across a barrage of recollections, observations, questions, lists, stories, poems, confessions and jokes.

Like little keys, the words inscribed on each block of stone, unlock a memory belonging to a particular day, forming a physical and narrative time-capsule of passing moments.

MONUMENT MOMENTO is visually emblematic of the irony and balance in binaries and dualities — between the monumental and mundane, stillness and change, materiality and ephemerality, was and is, hello and goodbye.

Common Choices, MONUMENT MOMENTO, Photographed Installation, Stone Engraved, Various sizes, Edition of 3, 2019

Love, MONUMENT MOMENTO, Stone Engraved, 385 X 385 X 385 mm, Edition of 3, 2019

Past Perfect, MONUMENT MOMENTO, Stone Engraved, 857 X 280 X 280 mm, Edition of 3, 2019

Five Red Balloons, MONUMENT MOMENTO, Stone Engraved,
400 x 400 x 1184 mm, Edition of 3, 2019

Emotional Things, MONUMENT MOMENTO, Stone Engraved,
190 x 190 x 1090 mm, Edition of 3, 2020